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Welcome To Eternal

e·ter·nal əˈtərn(ə)l/ lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning


Eternal is a guild of friendly, active people, who strive to be the best that they can be with the help of each other.  We are the top guild in the Reboot server, and work hard to keep it that way. We only accept players at level 170+ to help limit the amount of applications we receive. We boss frequently and also ask that all our members work hard to obtain their 5,000 guild contribution daily. Botting, or anything that can be considered as such, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Members caught botting will be expelled, added to the botting list on this site and in our guild BBS.

Why Eternal?

End-game Bossing

We have downed bosses such as Hard Magnus & Empress, and are working on Chaos Root Abyss runs.

Discord Community

Wanting to chat while you grind? Our Discord is Guild-exclusive, where we can entertain one another even while maple is down!

Become Family

To many of us, this isn’t just a guild, it is a group of people so friendly that you often look forward to seeing them every day!

Daily Bosses

Having trouble to find someone to do dailies with? Our guild has many runs throughout the day, help out the guild and yourself!

Training Parties

Looking to level up and have access to Holy Symbol, good attackers and kannas? We have members who can fill all these roles for you!

Guild Events

Want to earn some NX in one of our guild events? Participate in games such as omok, Jump quest races, and more for a good time

Guild Submitted Screenshots

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